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Asbestos Management

Lead Compliance

Chemical Management
   Heavy Metals
   Petroleum Products

Storage Tank Services
   Removal & Demolition

Water Management
   Water Quality
   Wastewater Management


Structural Demolition

Construction Support
   Construction Monitoring
   Well Monitoring
   Construction Surveys
   Sampling and Analysis
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   Regulatory Compliance
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Health & Safety Training

Qualification Statement

Scope of Services

Neumeyer Environmental Services, Inc. provides remediation of environmental hazards and a broad range of related services. Our service area includes the United States and Canada.

Focus Areas and Specialty Services

Soil and Ground Water Remediation
Certified and Licensed Asbestos Abatement
Lead Compliance and Abatement
Licensed Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Removal
Water Quality Management
Trained Radiological Decontamination
Well Closures and Decommissioning
Construction Support Services including:
Health and Safety Training
Construction Monitoring
Air Monitoring, Sampling and Analysis
Corporate and Site-Specific Plans
Compliance Evaluations
Regulatory Determinations
Mercury Management and Decontamination
Size reduction, packaging and transportation of waste
Demolition of structures and equipment, concrete and other structural materials
Replacement of disturbed components, including:
Interior wall and ceiling systems in commercial buildings
Structural and non-structural concrete
Paving of parking areas and access roads
Electrical power, lighting and distribution systems
Thermal insulation of mechanical systems
Fireproofing insulation


Neumeyer Environmental is currently registered to do business and licensed to perform abatement in many states including Pennsylvania (including Allegheny and Philadelphia Counties), New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Michigan, Texas, California, Virginia, Vermont, Connecticut, New York (including New York City), Kentucky and Tennessee.

Neumeyer Environmental is licensed to perform underground and above-ground regulated tank removal in Pennsylvania. The company has held many other licenses and permits, and can readily obtain such documents when needed for specific projects and jurisdictions.


Since beginning operation in 1980, Neumeyer Environmental has successfully completed over 5,000 projects of varying sizes and complexity. This has required supervision of over 7 million man-hours. Neumeyer has never been cited by any regulatory agency, including OSHA, EPA, and state/local authorities. We have never been asked to leave a jobsite and have never forfeited a performance bond.


Neumeyer Environmental solves environmental challenges for private and publicly-held corporations, governmental entities, small business owners and private landowners. Some of our clients include:
      Mascaro Construction
      Walsh Construction Co.
      New Enterprise Stone and Lime Company
      New Era Builders, Inc.
      KBJ, Inc.
      FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company
      Neville Chemical Company
      Trumbull Corporation
      Mashuda Corporation
      Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc.
      Alcoa, Inc.


Neumeyer Environmental proactively establishes valuable relationships with our clients by implementing effective and practical solutions that yield cost and schedule reductions. As a by-product of that effort, our clients provide references for our work activities to interested parties upon request.

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