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Chemical Management

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Heavy Metals and Inorganics

Neumeyer Environmental's experience in managing heavy metals and inorganic constituents has expanded over the last 15 years to effectively manage contaminants present industry-wide including steel-producing facilities, chemical processing plants and nuclear facilities. For most if our clients, we manage multiple contaminant concerns and waste streams. Our services include sampling and analysis, viable project approach determinations, permitting, stockpile management, on-site remediation, beneficial reuse of impacted materials, stormwater and groundwater management and transportation and disposal.

Health and safety concerns are paramount in managing construction activities for inorganic constituents. Neumeyer Environmental is focused on implementing engineering controls augmented by personal protection to achieve proactive prevention of exposures to workers and the public. We employ methods to achieve this approach while minimizing undue schedule delays of reductions in production.

PCB, Petroleum Products and Organics

Organic constituents of concern are present across every area and region today from historic industrial and commercial activities. The advent of environmental assessments has facilitated appropriate address of these areas through the process of redevelopment and land acquisition. Neumeyer Environmental has a vast resume of experience in addressing a wide variety of organic materials both through on-site management or treatment and off-site disposal or processing.

Our services in this area include sampling and analysis, viable project approach determinations, permitting, stockpile management, on-site remediation and treatment, stormwater and groundwater management, storage tank activities including containment, and transportation and

Petroleum-Based Contamination   Typical Stockpile Management   Dust Suppression During Loadout

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