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Lead Testing, Compliance and Abatement

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Prior to 1978, lead-based paint and materials containing lead were used extensively in construction. Today, demolition, redevelopment and renovation of lead-containing materials causes a health hazard to the workers and the public. Exposure to lead during construction occurs through inhalation of lead-contaminated dust, lead-contaminated soil or lead-contaminated paint that is deteriorated or present in impacted or disturbed surfaces.

Lead poisoning has been determined to be a significant health hazard through environmental sources such as lead-based paint in housing and lead-contaminated dust and soil. In response to the hazard, state and federal agencies have developed regulations to protect human health through reduction of lead in the environment. Proper abatement of lead-based materials is required to comply with the lead program regulations.

Neumeyer Environmental is certified to perform lead-based activities including plan development, preparation, cleanup, disposal and post-abatement clearance testing activities associated with lead contamination. We provide these services for bridge renovations, facility demolition and industrial site redevelopment.

Historic Steel Mill Site Redevelopment   Excavation of Lead-Contaminated Soils   Lead paint on Bridge Beams

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