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Satralloy Facility
Steubenville, OH – 2013 -2014 – $10,000,000.00

Scope of Work:
Neumeyer Environmental Services (NES) performed site waste management, a variety of remediation, demolition, and site work activities, such as but not limited to clear and grubbing, landscaping, construction, electrical installation, etc. at the Satralloy site, a former chromium processing facility near Steubenville, Ohio. The facility was dilapidated after 40 years of abandonment and illegal use and scrapping of metal from inside the buildings.

Site Work:
Neumeyer rebuilt site access roads, laydown areas, and installed a rail spur to facilitate the mobilization and demobilization of heavy equipment that road access could not support. NES performed clearing and grubbing to provide access to work areas and install/maintain erosion and sedimentation controls.

  • Safety
    • Initially, Neumeyer performed building inspections in the two large mill buildings (one 180,000 SqFt and one at 98,000 SqFt) due to the decay of structural materials and illegal scrapping of metal building materials during the decades of abandonment. NES inspected all walkways and work areas, which were repaired or permanently barricaded.
  • Waste Management
    • Removal of Heavy Metal Containing Dust
    • NES removed all heavy metal containing dust from inside the buildings (approximately 4,000 Cubic Yards), which ranged from several inches to several feet of accumulation in different areas of the buildings. Bulk removal of dust on the floors was performed, as well as vacuuming of dust from rafters and other structural components from aerial lifts.
    • To ensure worker safety, NES implemented a strict personal protective equipment (PPE) and decontamination program. Workers performed tasks in multiple layers of protective clothing and full-face air purifying respirators. Prior to all breaks and leaving the site at the end of shifts, workers underwent personal decontamination to protect themselves and their families from exposure to heavy metals. NES also performed extensive personal and area air monitoring to ensure workers were not exposed to unsafe levels of metals, as well as implementing a medical monitoring program involving physicals and bloodwork monitoring levels of heavy metals in workers to ensure they were not exposed during the work.
  • Demolitions
    • NES demolished a number of structures on the site, including a garage, smokestack, and water treatment plant. We also performed abatement of all asbestos containing materials in these structures prior to demolition, as well as in the buildings that were cleaned and left intact.
  • Chemical Management
    • NES located, collected, sorted, and disposed of a variety of hazardous chemicals on the site, including petroleum products, mercury, and PCB containing transformers.


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Soil Stabilization and Decontamination

ARCO in coordination with Brown & Root
Reno, PA – 2001-2002 – $800,000

Scope of Work:
In the late 1800s, when northwest Pennsylvania was the oil production capital of the world, the Atlantic Oil Company built the world’s largest refinery along the Allegheny River near Franklin immediately downstream of the main oil fields. At the time, the drillers pumped the oil into creeks near the wells to transfer crude oil to the refinery. It floated downstream to the refinery where it was siphoned off the surface of the water. The refinery’s waste products, including the tars and sludges that are used for asphalt today, were dumped into lagoons at the refinery and covered with soil. This particular refinery was dismantled in the late 1940s and the site was redeveloped for commercial use. Over time, the sludge and oil within the buried lagoon began to rise to the surface. Neumeyer Environmental was contracted to remediate the subsurface tars so that the property could be returned to full use.

The stabilization process involved drilling over 300 wells about 30 feet deep. Neumeyer Environmental injected grout into the wells through a rotary wellhead that mixed the grout and tar to stabilize it in place. The resultant material is considered inert and stable.

Neumeyer Environmental performed the work to avoid interrupting commercial activity during the project. Site restoration included repaving parking lots, landscaping the surrounding areas and constructing a public park along the riverbank.

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North Shore Connector

North Shore Constructors I and II
Pittsburgh, – 2005-2009 – $487,000

Scope of Work:
Neumeyer Environmental was contracted to provide environmental management and construction support services for a subway connector tunnel beneath the Allegheny River from downtown Pittsburgh to the North Shore area. Neumeyer Environmental provided remediation services for abandoned asbestos-insulated steam pipes, lead compliance and abatement activities, impacted subsoils from previous historical activities, water quality discharge management and sampling and analysis in accordance with the Pennsylvania Management of Fill policy.

This project is a multi-year, multi-contract effort that is anticipated to span over five years.

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Large-scale Building Demolition

Industrial Company (anonymity requested)
Massena, NY – 1997 – $175,000

Scope of Work:
This project involved remediation and demolition of a 54,000 square foot, three-story building attached to an operating plant. The building contained carbon dust contaminated with PCB oil, asbestos pipe insulation and asbestos siding and roofing material. The exterior of the structure was coated with lead- and PCB-containing paint.

Asbestos-containing materials and 200 cubic yards of PCB-contaminated dust were removed from the building. The structure was demolished using a hydraulic shear mounted to a tracked excavator. This allowed the building to be dismantled without hot cutting, which would have vaporized the lead and PCB- contaminated paint on the steel structure and caused potential eposures. Seven hundred tons of steel structure and equipment were dismantled, removed, and disposed. Robotic technology was employed to dismantle the structure. This allowed the building to be disassembled while keeping the operator at a safe distance. The equipment suspended the large structure members (10,000 lbs) to allow cutting prior to lowering to the ground. The components were decontaminated, cut to size, segregated and packaged for shipment.

The smelting operation in the adjacent building continued to operate throughout the demolition.

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North Side Facility

H. J. Heinz Company
Pittsburgh, PA – 1986-2000 – $300,000

Scope of Work:
HJ Heinz was founded in Pittsburgh in the 1800’s and continues to maintain a strong presence in the area today. Neumeyer Environmental has a long standing relationship with Heinz in providing asbestos abatement on an on-call, as needed basis for well over a decade. This agreement was in place from 1986 through 2000.

As responsible environmental stewards, when Heinz maintenance managers encountered asbestos containing materials they requested abatement of the areas. Neumeyer Environmental performed appropriate remediation measures tailored to minimize disruption of ongoing operations at the facility and returned the areas to operation.

Additionally, the expansive facilities for their operations located on the north side of Pittsburgh required environmental renovations when they sold off or relocated select market sectors to other locations. Neumeyer Environmental provided blanket remediation services during their multi-year transition period.

The facilities were transferred to Del Monte Foods and Bay Valley Foods several years ago and Neumeyer Environmental now provides environmental services to the new owners.