Neumeyer Environmental offers construction monitoring services to support a wide variety of construction activities and requirements from ambient air monitoring to noise monitoring. Our field crews are trained and experienced in collecting data, evaluating survey results, implementing response measures and reporting results.

Pre-construction and post-construction surveys are primarily a loss control and claims defense precautionary measure for third party property damage claims frequently employed on projects today. The pre-construction survey is used to determine what visible damage pre-existed the construction activity. The surveys allow owners and contractors to document any changed conditions during construction to prevent misconceptions about influences on adjacent properties induced from their activities.

Neumeyer Environmental visually inspects the components within the zone of influence including exposed structural elements, foundations, walkways, driveways, exteriors and interior walls, floors, columns, beams, joists, and roof level components. The condition of these elements is documented in a pre-construction report as a defendable record of the area prior to any vibration-inducing activities. The survey is finalized by performing an inspection and providing a record of the same areas after completion of the work.

Neumeyer Environmental performs well decommissioning for water wells and well closures for gas and oil wells in support of construction activities. Well decommissioning (abandonment) consists of sealing and permanent closure of water wells no longer in use. We perform this service for any drilled, dug, driven, jetted, bored, or otherwise constructed water well.

Neumeyer Environmental and our affiliates also provide well closure services for gas and oil wells. Oil and gas production facilities are removed after their useful life by decommissioning. After completion, the area is restored to blend with the adjacent area. Typical activities during the decommissioning phase include closure of production and injection wells, removal of aboveground components and gravel from well pads, access roads, other ancillary facilities, recontouring the surface and revegetation.

Neumeyer Environmental provides sampling and analyses services for all contaminants of concern for all applications including surveys, characterization and monitoring. We routinely perform testing in the following areas:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Direct push technology groundwater and soil samples
  • Surface and subsurface soil
  • Sediment
  • Wastewater
  • Surface water
  • Ambient air
  • Perimeter monioring
  • Field test kit samples

Our crews are trained and experienced in meeting your project objectives. We frequently mobilize our sampling crew immediately in response to our clients. Our sampling evaluation process includes providing interpretation of the results and recommended actions to assist our clients in their decision-making process. Our affiliate laboratories offer certification and data reduction to ensure compliance with project requirements.

For a variety of reasons, many projects move to construction without the benefit of waste characterization. Neumeyer Environmental has saved our clients thousands of dollars by presenting characterization plans that provide for the following:

    1. Roadmap for management of impacted materials
    2. Pre-planning of reusable on-site surplus materials
    3. Advance knowledge of off-site relocation or disposal requirements
    4. Eliminate the use of stockpiling
    5. Prevent schedule delays due to waiting on results and management approaches

Neumeyer Environmental provides resources that are experienced in regulatory framework, sampling methods and approaches, and can provide cost-effective recommendations for implementing characterization methods that will minimize their impact on your project.

A concerted effort has been made by contractors to evaluate their regulatory responsibilities and responses so that their projects maintain full compliance even though it is often difficult to identify the applicable environmental requirements for some projects. Neumeyer Environmental can help. Neumeyer Environmental has focused on regulatory compliance approaches for our clients for almost 30 years. Regulatory compliance today is critical to project successes from both a safety perspective and an environmental compliance perspective. Our staff has extensive experience in regulatory framework, achieving compliance safely and minimizing costs in the process.

Site specific plans provide a valuable association between project design and construction. Most projects today require site specific plans to ensure that contractors are fully compliant with the requirements established during the design phase. Neumeyer Environmental has been preparing site specific plans for our clients for well over 15 years both as part of compliance and to provide a roadmap for our work. These site specific plans include a wide range of work activities such as:

      • Health and safety criteria for on-site hazards
      • Waste Management Plans
      • Site Work Plans
      • Asbestos Abatement Plans
      • Lead Compliance Plans
      • Stockpile Plans
      • Sampling and Analysis Plans
      • Vibration and Noise Control Plans
      • Monitoring Plans
      • Wastewater Management Plans
      • Critical Lift Plans
      • Material Management (Salvage and Recycling) Plans

Neumeyer Environmental has extensive experience in plan preparation for regulatory agencies that commonly oversee project level work including nuclear facilities, environmental protection agencies, and federal and state government agencies.