Neumeyer Environmental delivers safe, cost effective demolition services at industrial facilities, storage tank facilities, industrial buildings, structures and power plants. We utilize a highly skilled work force and specialized equipment to perform demolition services for our clients in sensitive areas and often within contaminated zones. We have extensive experience in performing structural demolition without disturbing the structural integrity of surrounding assets.

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Environmentally Friendly

Neumeyer Environmental exercises responsible disposal of all recyclable and salvage materials that are generated from demolition. We utilize material salvage on all projects to minimize the project cost and our competitive cost structure.

Each project is staffed by skilled, professional workers operating state-of-the-art equipment. Our field personnel are cross-trained for all activities associted with a project under field operating conditions. We conduct continuous education programs to ensure our workforce is safe and knowlegable. Our workers are skilled in operation of hydraulic excavators equipped with pulverizers, shears, grapples, cranes, trucks and loaders. Our proactive approach to safety and skill provides safe and effective results for our clients.