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Duquesne, PA – 2015-2018 – $ 3,206,000.00

Scope of Work:
Neumeyer Environmental provided excavation, backfill, and structural services to American Textile Company in Duquesne, PA. The industrial park was built on top of a slag that has expanded over time as water has seeped into it, causing the building supporting columns and floor in the factory to raise and become uneven. NES mitigated this by excavating all slag from underneath two sections of the factory and backfilling with stone.

NES installed a large containment around the entire work areas inside the factory to protect the factory workers and the manufacturing processes. We then installed temporary structural supports, removed the floor slabs, and excavated all slag out from underneath each area, which was as deep as 30 feet in areas.

Upon completion of excavation, NES backfilled the excavations with stone, compacting it to meet building design standards and ensuring its stability for the future. We completed the work by re-installing permanent support beams and replacing the floor slabs. NES performed this work in two phases in different areas of the plant to accommodate the factory’s production.

Throughout the work, NES performed dust and noise monitoring inside of the work area as well as outside of the work area in the factory to ensure both NES and American Textile workers were not exposed to hazardous levels of either.