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Waltz Mill Tools and Equipment Decommissioning

Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Madison, PA – 1999 – $500,000

Scope of Work:
Approximately 2,500 tons of obsolete tools and equipment used in service and repair of commercial nuclear power generation facilities required disposal.

Neumeyer Environmental segregated, sized, and packaged materials for off-site treatment and processing. We dismantled contaminated components and equipment, and segregated waste materials (metals, wood, plastics, etc.). Neumeyer Environmental shredded the materials to reduce shipping and disposal costs.

Valuable warehouse space was cleared of obsolete equipment. Removal of contaminated items from the warehouse reduced background radiation within the building.

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PennDOT 38th Street Realignment Project

Mekis Construction Company
Erie, PA – 2003-2004 – $380,000

Scope of Work:
Realignment of 38th Street included multiple environmental challenges.

  1. Decontamination and removal of several structures that contained asbestos-containing building materials.
  2. Removal of a gasoline station, including demolition of a building and decontamination and removal of four 10,000-gallon underground gasoline tanks.
  3. Relocating the Mill Creek stream bed to an area that had been used as a landfill and that contained organic and chemical waste.

Neumeyer Environmental removed and disposed the asbestos-containing materials, demolished the structures and disposed the resulting uncontaminated construction debris. Neumeyer Environmental demolished the structure and disposed the construction debris. We decontaminated and removed the four 10,000-gallon underground tanks. Inspection of the surrounding soil revealed that no contamination had occurred. Neumeyer Environmental removed 20,000 cubic yards of soil contaminated with organic and chemical waste. The soils were profiled as residual rather than hazardous waste, substantially reduced the cost of its disposal.

The Mill Creek stream bed was successfully relocated as required for realignment of 38th Street.

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PennDOT Findley Connector Project

DCK Worldwide, LLC (Dick Corp)
Clinton, PA – 2004-2005 – $1,400,000

Scope of Work:
New roadway construction required crossing an abandoned landfill that had operated for fifty years, unpermitted and unregulated, in a former strip mine pit. The landfill contained both municipal and industrial wastes. The industrial waste contained heavy metals and chemical solvents.

Neumeyer Environmental excavated 300,000 cubic yards of soil and segregated it by contaminant concentration. We recycled the uncontaminated soil as roadbase material to be used on-site. We placed the minimally contaminated soil in an on-site containment cell that PA Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) permitted specifically for the project. Neumeyer Environmental profiled the remaining soil as either residual or hazardous waste and transported it to appropriate disposal facilities.

By segregating the soils, we were able to retain on-site and reuse 270,000 of the 300,000 cubic yards originally excavated, saving millions of dollars in transportation and disposal costs.

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Pittsburgh Technical Center

Allison Park Contractors
Pittsburgh, PA – 2008-2009 – $250,000

Scope of Work:
The Urban Redevelopment Authority has been redeveloping the previous Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation facility for numerous years. This ACT 2 site has been redeveloped as the Pittsburgh Technology Center under a multi-phased program. The 2009 phase included excavation of surplus soils that exhibited contamination and required regulated management.

In support of the work, Neumeyer Environmental provided oversight, sampling and analysis, application for the Form U permit, and transportation and disposal of regulated residual materials. We provided support to the contractor so that much of the work could be performed by their crews. The load-out operations were conducted during night shifts to allow suitable progression of the work.

Neumeyer Environmental was able to quickly transport and dispose of the contaminated materials by utilizing truck fleets to transport the stockpiled materials efficiently during non-work hours. This approach allowed the contractor to minimize the stockpile management impacts and on-site spacial constraints.