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Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) 

Johnstown, PA – 2016-2017  – $14,124,000.00

Scope of Work:
Neumeyer Environmental Services (NES) performed the Waste Management to include a wide variety of site work and environmental remediation tasks at a PADEP designated Act 2 site that had been the site of large scale tank farms, and more recently, a demolition and salvage yard.

Site Work:

To facilitate the work to be performed, NES improved and built site access and haul roads, installed concrete entrances to PennDOT’s road, mobilized a trailer complex, and installed laydown and parking areas.

    • Waste Management
      • Contaminated Soil and Buried Debris Disposal.
      • NES excavated over 200,000 tons of soil and buried debris from the site, coordinating with several trucking companies and four landfills to ensure timely and proper landfill disposal of the materials.
      • Hazardous Material, Chemical, and Water Inventory and Management:
      • NES inventoried and collected large quantities of chemicals from around the site, in addition to pumping product and liquid from storage tanks, piping, and excavations. All wastes were sampled, profiled, and properly disposed of at a number of licensed facilities.
    • Asbestos
      • NES performed asbestos abatement in several structures and mobile homes on the site.
      • Well Closure
      • NES closed 27 monitoring wells and one drinking water well on the site.
    • Storage Tank Closures
      • NES closed, removed, cleaned, and disposed of 10 underground storage tanks and 4 aboveground storage tanks.
    • Pipe Closures
      • NES drained over 10,000 linear feet of pipe remaining from the tank farms that previously were in place at the site. Approximately 7,000 feet of pipe was excavated, cut, and removed, and approximately 3,000 feet was filled with grout and closed in place because it ran thru a wetland.
    • Demolitions
      • NES demolished four buildings, and several mobile homes and trailers.
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PTC New Stanton Service Plaza Renovation

Trumbull Corporation
New Stanton, PA – 2007 – $247,000

Scope of Work:
The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission renovated a service plaza in New Stanton, Pennsylvania. Neumeyer Environmental was contracted to perform demolition, asbestos abatement and storage tank removal. Significant contamination was encountered during the storage tank closures and the materials had to be specially managed on-site or disposed off-site.

The majority of the demolition items for this project were donated to charitable organizations including walk-in coolers, doors, kitchen components, lighting, bathroom fixtures, ceiling tile, metal components.

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PennDOT Settlers’ Cabin Interchange

Balfour Beatty Infrastructure
Pittsburgh, PA – 2004-2005 – $235,000

Removal of asbestos-containing window systems, exterior view

Removal of asbestos-containing window systems, exterior view

Scope of Work:
Construction of a new highway interchange required demolition of two large commercial buildings. One was a metal framework structure covered with 60,000 square feet of asbestos panels; it had been used as a distribution warehouse for industrial rubber products. The second building had housed a sales and processing operation for a water treatment company. In addition to 4,000 square feet of asbestos containing materials (ACM) in floors, roofs, and insulation materials, the building contained 500 tons of hazardous caustics and acids that had been used for water treatment.

At the rubber products warehouse, Neumeyer Environmental coated each asbestos siding panel with encapsulant to seal in any loose asbestos fibers. The 300 pound panels were unbolted, lowered to the ground, wrapped in plastic sheeting and placed in a roll-off containers. The ACM was transported to a regulated facility for disposal. After completion of the abatement, Neumeyer Environmental demolished the building.

Removal of asbestos-containing window systems, interior view

Removal of asbestos-containing window systems, interior view

In the water treatment building, Neumeyer Environmental drained and flushed all tanks and piping and collected the chemicals in containers provided by the DOT. We shipped the chemicals to a hazardous waste processing facility. Neumeyer Environmental removed and disposed of the ACM from the structure and demolished the building.

Neumeyer Environmental recycled 800 tons of structural steel and provided 3,000 tons of crushed concrete for use as roadway base material.