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PennDOT Ewing Park Bridge

Mekis Construction Company
Ellwood City, PA – 2005 – $102,000

Scope of Work:
In preparation of demolition of a 1930’s bridge, PENNDOT encountered lead in the soil beneath the span. Lead had reached the soil from the paint as it weathered through the years and from past sandblasting operations to prepare the bridge for repainting. Removal of the contaminated soil was required for the project to continue.

High concentrations of lead were determined through analystical testing in the top 12 inches of soil. The soil was a mix of loose granulated slag and sandy loam. The hillside beneath the bridge was steep with a 1-to-1 slope (45 degrees) and about 150 feet long.

The long, steep slope made use of conventional excavating equipment impractical and dangerous. Instead, Neumeyer Environmental utilized a HEPA filtered high-volume vacuum pump. Workmen traversed the slope, tethered to supporting ropes with full body harnesses, and pumped the contaminated soil using five-inch diameter vacuum hoses. The vacuum transferred the soil up the slope to a bagging station. Tthe contaminated soil was disposed at regulated facility.

Neumeyer Environmental removed 817 tons of contaminated soil from the slope in two weeks.

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North Shore Connector

North Shore Constructors I and II
Pittsburgh, – 2005-2009 – $487,000

Scope of Work:
Neumeyer Environmental was contracted to provide environmental management and construction support services for a subway connector tunnel beneath the Allegheny River from downtown Pittsburgh to the North Shore area. Neumeyer Environmental provided remediation services for abandoned asbestos-insulated steam pipes, lead compliance and abatement activities, impacted subsoils from previous historical activities, water quality discharge management and sampling and analysis in accordance with the Pennsylvania Management of Fill policy.

This project is a multi-year, multi-contract effort that is anticipated to span over five years.

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Memorial Bridge Renovation and Replacement

Balfour Beatty Infrastructure
Arlington, PA – 2009 – $75,000

Scope of Work:
PennDOT replaced and renovated two bridge sections in Connellsville that required construction support. Neumeyer Environmental was contracted to provide construction surveys, methane monitoring and other support activities. We performed the pre-construction survey of six adjacent properties to establish the structural condition before vibrating activities were initiated by the contractor. After the construction is complete, a post-construction survey will be performed to ensure no change occurred during the vibration activities.

Neumeyer Environmental provided real-time field screening and monitoring during drilling activities within the local coal seam that had the potential to generate excessive methane vapors.

Neumeyer Environmental also provided ancillary project support services included providing equipment and analytical services for lead compliance during the bridge deck renovations and removal.