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Environmental Support Services Forward Township

Villari, Brandes & Klein, PC
Forward Township, PA – 2005-2009 – $250,000

Scope of Work:
Neumeyer Environmental was contacted after a catastrophic release of fly ash that occurred in Forward Township, Pennsylvania to perform sampling and analysis on the materials that had been deposited during the release within a residential neighborhood. After review of the results, Neumeyer Environmental performed environmental consulting services to support litigation associated with the degradation of the neighborhood from the event. Our services included site evaluation, slope stability analysis, multiple sampling and analysis programs, litigation support, environmental status updates and development of summary reports.

After four years of investigation and negotiation, the neighborhood is in the process of restoration and/or relocation.

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Clairton Coke Work Retention Basin Containment

United States Steel Corporation
Clairton, PA – 1997 – $350,000

Scope of Work:
Contaminated ground and surface water from a coal-tar retention basin threatened to leach into a nearby stream. The water was highly contaminated with organic compounds.

Neumeyer Environmental installed a groundwater leachate collection system and sheet pile cut-off wall to divert contaminated groundwater and prevent it from entering the adjacent stream. Neumeyer Environmental designed and built a french drain to carry water from behind the wall and transfer it into a sealed manhole. Submersible pumps were installed in the manhole to transfer the water to a wastewater treatment facility. Multiple level switches in the manhole activate pumps as water levels reach specified levels and convey the water to the on-site treatment plant. Pump controls, activation indicators, and flow monitors were remotely mounted in a control building for operator access and protection from the elements.

The new system captured and treated the contaminated water and prevented it from entering the stream.

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Babcock Boulevard Winding Facility

Stemple & Ward
Pittsburgh, PA – 1996 – $120,000

Scope of Work:
Stemple & Ward purchased a public transportation garage and converted it to an electric motor winding facility. Years afterwards, gasoline odors began seeping through the sewage vents. Investigation identified four historic 5,000 gallon underground storage tanks previously used for leaded gasoline. The tanks had leaked into the surrounding subsoils and migrated into the storm sewers.

Neumeyer Environmental used ground-penetrating radar to locate the tanks. We excavated the tanks and removed the mix of water and product. Neumeyer Environmental shipped 20,000 gallons off-site to a recycler for processing. Neumeyer Environmental purged the tanks of flammable gas, removed and disposed them at a licensed tank disposal facility. 2,500 tons of adjacent subsoils required removal and disposal at a regulated facility.

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Gay Street Bridge Replacement

Nyleve Bridge Corporation
Phoenixville, PA – 2008-2009 – $900,000

Scope of Work:
A primary bridge over French Creek in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania was being replaced by PennDOT. Several environmental issues required address as part of the work including lead paint and asbestos-containing materials on the existing bridge and elevated contaminants in the subsurface soils. The piers and subsurface preparations were within a former steel-making facility with elevated inorganic constituents of concern. Neumeyer Environmental was contracted to address and manage these environmental aspects of the work.

Management of on-site soils required sampling and analysis, use of personal protective equipment, segregation of contaminated materials and water quality issues associated with installation of the pier adjacent to French Creek.

Neumeyer Environmental performed select earthwork, demolition, on-site placement and off-site disposal of surplus materials and debris. We also managed the discharge waters from the coffer dam by installing a high volume pump and treat system that allowed direct discharge to French Creek. The project required approximately 10 months to complete from plan preparation and sampling through excavation of the pier subgrade.

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Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Toll Plaza

Mosites Construction Company
Warrendale, PA – 2002 – $155,000

Scope of Work:
The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission constructed a new interchange at Warrendale (Milepost #31). An abandoned gasoline station built in the 1950s had occupied part of the construction site. The gas station’s ten gasoline and diesel tanks, ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 gallons capacity, had leaked fuel into the soil. Cleanup was required prior to the beginning of new construction.

Neumeyer Environmental excavated 3,000 tons of contaminated soil and transported it to a thermal processing facility where it was cleaned for recycling for use as roadway subbase on the project. Neumeyer Environmental removed and disposed of 100 tons of hazardous soil, 1,000 gallons of contaminated liquids, and the remnants of the underground fuel system. We also decontaminated and disposed of the old fuel tanks.

Our ability to recycle the contaminated soil substantially reduced our client’s disposal costs. The construction project proceeded on clean land. This project was completed on-schedule and on-budget.