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US Air Force Reserve 911 Base – Pittsburgh Airport

Joseph B. Fay, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA – 1997 – $275,000

Scope of Work:
Neumeyer Environmental provided environmental management services for an obsolete jet fuel storage facility to be dismantled and removed prior to construction of a new facility. The site included two 280,000 gallon aboveground tanks, two 25,000 gallon underground tanks, one 5,000 gallon underground tank and one 250 gallon underground tank. During the forty-plus years the facility operated, numerous leaks and spills contaminated the surrounding soil with petroleum hydrocarbons.

Prior to demolition, Neumeyer Environmental evacuated, purged, and decontaminated the pipe systems and tanks. Neumeyer Environmental also dismantled six support buildings. Since the facility was active, Neumeyer Environmental was limited to cold-cut techniques including pneumatic saws and a hydraulic shear mounted to a tracked excavator. After removing the tanks and structures, Neumeyer Environmental excavated the impacted subsoils.

The Air Force’s original design called for soil to be hauled off site for disposal. Neumeyer Environmental used land farming techniques to clean 50,000 tons of contaminated soil as a value-engineered approach that substantially reduced the cost and duration of the project and was environmentally superior to off-site disposal.

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PennDOT 12th Street to Broad

Brayman Construction Corporation
Erie, PA – 2002-2003 – $740,000

Scope of Work:
A new highway construction project required construction of a bridge over an active main line railroad and a scrap metal processing facility. The soil at the site contained elevated levels of benzene, pesticides, and lead that required special management.

Neumeyer Environmental excavated 50,000 tons of contaminated soil for off-site disposal. We collected 220,000 gallons of contaminated groundwater and treated it on-site to reduce the contamination to levels acceptable for discharge to a publicly-owned treatment works (POTW). Neumeyer Environmental installed a protective barrier to protect workers from exposure.

Neumeyer Environmental controlled worker exposures through a variety of engineering controls so that the crews could work with only limited personal protective clothing. Eliminating this requirement and treating the contaminated groundwater on-site saved the client substantial operating and disposal costs.