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Clairton Coke Work Retention Basin Containment

United States Steel Corporation
Clairton, PA – 1997 – $350,000

Scope of Work:
Contaminated ground and surface water from a coal-tar retention basin threatened to leach into a nearby stream. The water was highly contaminated with organic compounds.

Neumeyer Environmental installed a groundwater leachate collection system and sheet pile cut-off wall to divert contaminated groundwater and prevent it from entering the adjacent stream. Neumeyer Environmental designed and built a french drain to carry water from behind the wall and transfer it into a sealed manhole. Submersible pumps were installed in the manhole to transfer the water to a wastewater treatment facility. Multiple level switches in the manhole activate pumps as water levels reach specified levels and convey the water to the on-site treatment plant. Pump controls, activation indicators, and flow monitors were remotely mounted in a control building for operator access and protection from the elements.

The new system captured and treated the contaminated water and prevented it from entering the stream.

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North Shore Connector

North Shore Constructors I and II
Pittsburgh, – 2005-2009 – $487,000

Scope of Work:
Neumeyer Environmental was contracted to provide environmental management and construction support services for a subway connector tunnel beneath the Allegheny River from downtown Pittsburgh to the North Shore area. Neumeyer Environmental provided remediation services for abandoned asbestos-insulated steam pipes, lead compliance and abatement activities, impacted subsoils from previous historical activities, water quality discharge management and sampling and analysis in accordance with the Pennsylvania Management of Fill policy.

This project is a multi-year, multi-contract effort that is anticipated to span over five years.