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United States Steel Corporation
Clairton, PA – 1997 – $350,000

Scope of Work:
Contaminated ground and surface water from a coal-tar retention basin threatened to leach into a nearby stream. The water was highly contaminated with organic compounds.

Neumeyer Environmental installed a groundwater leachate collection system and sheet pile cut-off wall to divert contaminated groundwater and prevent it from entering the adjacent stream. Neumeyer Environmental designed and built a french drain to carry water from behind the wall and transfer it into a sealed manhole. Submersible pumps were installed in the manhole to transfer the water to a wastewater treatment facility. Multiple level switches in the manhole activate pumps as water levels reach specified levels and convey the water to the on-site treatment plant. Pump controls, activation indicators, and flow monitors were remotely mounted in a control building for operator access and protection from the elements.

The new system captured and treated the contaminated water and prevented it from entering the stream.