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Industrial Company (anonymity requested)
Massena, NY – 1997 – $175,000

Scope of Work:
This project involved remediation and demolition of a 54,000 square foot, three-story building attached to an operating plant. The building contained carbon dust contaminated with PCB oil, asbestos pipe insulation and asbestos siding and roofing material. The exterior of the structure was coated with lead- and PCB-containing paint.

Asbestos-containing materials and 200 cubic yards of PCB-contaminated dust were removed from the building. The structure was demolished using a hydraulic shear mounted to a tracked excavator. This allowed the building to be dismantled without hot cutting, which would have vaporized the lead and PCB- contaminated paint on the steel structure and caused potential eposures. Seven hundred tons of steel structure and equipment were dismantled, removed, and disposed. Robotic technology was employed to dismantle the structure. This allowed the building to be disassembled while keeping the operator at a safe distance. The equipment suspended the large structure members (10,000 lbs) to allow cutting prior to lowering to the ground. The components were decontaminated, cut to size, segregated and packaged for shipment.

The smelting operation in the adjacent building continued to operate throughout the demolition.