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H. J. Heinz Company
Pittsburgh, PA – 1986-2000 – $300,000

Scope of Work:
HJ Heinz was founded in Pittsburgh in the 1800’s and continues to maintain a strong presence in the area today. Neumeyer Environmental has a long standing relationship with Heinz in providing asbestos abatement on an on-call, as needed basis for well over a decade. This agreement was in place from 1986 through 2000.

As responsible environmental stewards, when Heinz maintenance managers encountered asbestos containing materials they requested abatement of the areas. Neumeyer Environmental performed appropriate remediation measures tailored to minimize disruption of ongoing operations at the facility and returned the areas to operation.

Additionally, the expansive facilities for their operations located on the north side of Pittsburgh required environmental renovations when they sold off or relocated select market sectors to other locations. Neumeyer Environmental provided blanket remediation services during their multi-year transition period.

The facilities were transferred to Del Monte Foods and Bay Valley Foods several years ago and Neumeyer Environmental now provides environmental services to the new owners.