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US Air Force Reserve 911 Base – Pittsburgh Airport

Joseph B. Fay, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA – 1997 – $275,000

Scope of Work:
Neumeyer Environmental provided environmental management services for an obsolete jet fuel storage facility to be dismantled and removed prior to construction of a new facility. The site included two 280,000 gallon aboveground tanks, two 25,000 gallon underground tanks, one 5,000 gallon underground tank and one 250 gallon underground tank. During the forty-plus years the facility operated, numerous leaks and spills contaminated the surrounding soil with petroleum hydrocarbons.

Prior to demolition, Neumeyer Environmental evacuated, purged, and decontaminated the pipe systems and tanks. Neumeyer Environmental also dismantled six support buildings. Since the facility was active, Neumeyer Environmental was limited to cold-cut techniques including pneumatic saws and a hydraulic shear mounted to a tracked excavator. After removing the tanks and structures, Neumeyer Environmental excavated the impacted subsoils.

The Air Force’s original design called for soil to be hauled off site for disposal. Neumeyer Environmental used land farming techniques to clean 50,000 tons of contaminated soil as a value-engineered approach that substantially reduced the cost and duration of the project and was environmentally superior to off-site disposal.

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PTC New Stanton Service Plaza Renovation

Trumbull Corporation
New Stanton, PA – 2007 – $247,000

Scope of Work:
The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission renovated a service plaza in New Stanton, Pennsylvania. Neumeyer Environmental was contracted to perform demolition, asbestos abatement and storage tank removal. Significant contamination was encountered during the storage tank closures and the materials had to be specially managed on-site or disposed off-site.

The majority of the demolition items for this project were donated to charitable organizations including walk-in coolers, doors, kitchen components, lighting, bathroom fixtures, ceiling tile, metal components.

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NASA Glenn Research Center Building 60 Renovation

New Era Builders Inc.
Brookpark, OH – 2008-2009 – $576,000

Scope of Work:
NASA was performing renovation of a three-story building in their Brookpark complex in Ohio. The renovation required asbestos abatement and material recycling in accordance with their reuse policy.

Neumeyer Environmental was contracted to provide abatement, demolition and select recycling activities for the renovation. The scope of the abatement activities included floor tile, ceiling tile, pipe insulation, We recycled carpet, cabinets, file storage systems, metal components and ceiling tile materials to meet their recycling objectives.

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Site-Wide Storage Tank Farm Renovation and Removal

Neville Chemical Company
Pittsburgh, PA – 2003-2009 – $1,350,000

Scope of Work:
Neville Chemical Company is one of the worlds’ largest producers of commercial grade resins. They were established over 80 years ago and have corporate headquarters on Neville Island in Allegheny County. NES has a long standing relationship with this client to assist in renovation and closure of select areas of their expansive tank farm. Our responsibilities include evaluating hazardous materials, asbestos surveys, asbestos abatement, tank closures (removal), and demolition of key components.

The site challenges include a wide range of hazardous materials, work activities within the operating facility and hazardous environments, cleaning and demolition of tanks and structures, and regulatory compliance issues.

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Southpointe Asbestos Abatement

Michael Facchiano Contracting Inc.
Washington, PA – 2009 – $38,500

Scope of Work:
Neumeyer Environmental performed asbestos inspections, abatement and demolition for a three story personal care facility in North Strabane Township. The work was performed under short notice and quick turn-around due to road construction that was planned in the immediate area. The demolition was conducted within feet of an high-volume roadway that accesses an expansive office and industrial park.