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Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station Demolition

First Energy Corporation
Shippingport, PA – 2005-2006 – $350,000

Scope of Work:
Homeland security regulations required removal of five multi-story office buildings surrounding this nuclear power station in order to open up defensive lines of sight. The buildings were contaminated with asbestos-containing materials and electrical equipment that contained PCBs.

Neumeyer Environmental removed over 2,500 cubic yards of asbestos materials and approximately 250 cubic yards of PCB-containing electrical components. Following removal of these contaminants, Neumeyer Environmental demolished the structures and recycled 1,900 tons of steel and non-ferrous metals. One structure housed a full-scale model breeder reactor, 14′ in diameter and 50′ high, constructed during the 1950s. We constructed a shipping container and relocated the model to a storage facility. The reactor model will be displayed in a museum dedicated to the history of nuclear power.

The renovation and upgrade of the nuclear power facility is an ongoing process due to the magnitude of the work. The project is being performed with a focus on recycling and salvage in support of environmental conservation.

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NASA Glenn Research Center Building 60 Renovation

New Era Builders Inc.
Brookpark, OH – 2008-2009 – $576,000

Scope of Work:
NASA was performing renovation of a three-story building in their Brookpark complex in Ohio. The renovation required asbestos abatement and material recycling in accordance with their reuse policy.

Neumeyer Environmental was contracted to provide abatement, demolition and select recycling activities for the renovation. The scope of the abatement activities included floor tile, ceiling tile, pipe insulation, We recycled carpet, cabinets, file storage systems, metal components and ceiling tile materials to meet their recycling objectives.

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RMI Titanium Company/Department of Defense

GTS Duratech
Ashtabula, OH – 1997 – $900,000

Scope of Work:
RMI is the leading supplier of specialty metals for the aerospace industry. During renovation of their Astabula facility, Neumeyer Environmental provided disassembly, size reduction and packaging of 3,000 tons of radiologically contaminated machinery that had manufactured projectiles of depleted uranium. The machinery included a 4,000-ton capacity hydraulic press, associated feed and run-out cooling tables, several smaller hydraulic presses, and six preheat furnaces. The furnaces contained radiologically contaminated asbestos refractory and insulation materials.

Neumeyer Environmental disassembled the equipment and properly disposed of the regulated materials. This facility remains in commercial use.