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US Air Force Reserve 911 Base – Pittsburgh Airport

Joseph B. Fay, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA – 1997 – $275,000

Scope of Work:
Neumeyer Environmental provided environmental management services for an obsolete jet fuel storage facility to be dismantled and removed prior to construction of a new facility. The site included two 280,000 gallon aboveground tanks, two 25,000 gallon underground tanks, one 5,000 gallon underground tank and one 250 gallon underground tank. During the forty-plus years the facility operated, numerous leaks and spills contaminated the surrounding soil with petroleum hydrocarbons.

Prior to demolition, Neumeyer Environmental evacuated, purged, and decontaminated the pipe systems and tanks. Neumeyer Environmental also dismantled six support buildings. Since the facility was active, Neumeyer Environmental was limited to cold-cut techniques including pneumatic saws and a hydraulic shear mounted to a tracked excavator. After removing the tanks and structures, Neumeyer Environmental excavated the impacted subsoils.

The Air Force’s original design called for soil to be hauled off site for disposal. Neumeyer Environmental used land farming techniques to clean 50,000 tons of contaminated soil as a value-engineered approach that substantially reduced the cost and duration of the project and was environmentally superior to off-site disposal.

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Pittsburgh Technical Center

Allison Park Contractors
Pittsburgh, PA – 2008-2009 – $250,000

Scope of Work:
The Urban Redevelopment Authority has been redeveloping the previous Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation facility for numerous years. This ACT 2 site has been redeveloped as the Pittsburgh Technology Center under a multi-phased program. The 2009 phase included excavation of surplus soils that exhibited contamination and required regulated management.

In support of the work, Neumeyer Environmental provided oversight, sampling and analysis, application for the Form U permit, and transportation and disposal of regulated residual materials. We provided support to the contractor so that much of the work could be performed by their crews. The load-out operations were conducted during night shifts to allow suitable progression of the work.

Neumeyer Environmental was able to quickly transport and dispose of the contaminated materials by utilizing truck fleets to transport the stockpiled materials efficiently during non-work hours. This approach allowed the contractor to minimize the stockpile management impacts and on-site spacial constraints.

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DOD Reactor-Circulating Pump Facility

Westinghouse Corporation
Cheswick, PA – 1997 – $1,200,000

Scope of Work:
A Department of Defense facility managed by Westinghouse Corporation repaired reactor-circulating pumps that were used on nuclear-powered submarines and ships. After years of operation, radiological and asbestos contaminants were present throughout the structure and subsurface soil. This 30,000 square foot building required decontamination prior to its demolition.

The project involved decontamination of the pump repair building, approximately 30,000 square feet. All interior surfaces were decontaminated on-site. After decontamination, the structure was demolished. Approximately 90% of the structural material was recycled after the decontamination process. Contaminated soil beneath the structure was removed and packaged for off-site disposal. The site was backfilled and readied for site restoration.

Recycling of the demolition debris provided significant savings to Westinghouse.

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PTC New Stanton Service Plaza Renovation

Trumbull Corporation
New Stanton, PA – 2007 – $247,000

Scope of Work:
The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission renovated a service plaza in New Stanton, Pennsylvania. Neumeyer Environmental was contracted to perform demolition, asbestos abatement and storage tank removal. Significant contamination was encountered during the storage tank closures and the materials had to be specially managed on-site or disposed off-site.

The majority of the demolition items for this project were donated to charitable organizations including walk-in coolers, doors, kitchen components, lighting, bathroom fixtures, ceiling tile, metal components.

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RMI Titanium Company/Department of Defense

GTS Duratech
Ashtabula, OH – 1997 – $900,000

Scope of Work:
RMI is the leading supplier of specialty metals for the aerospace industry. During renovation of their Astabula facility, Neumeyer Environmental provided disassembly, size reduction and packaging of 3,000 tons of radiologically contaminated machinery that had manufactured projectiles of depleted uranium. The machinery included a 4,000-ton capacity hydraulic press, associated feed and run-out cooling tables, several smaller hydraulic presses, and six preheat furnaces. The furnaces contained radiologically contaminated asbestos refractory and insulation materials.

Neumeyer Environmental disassembled the equipment and properly disposed of the regulated materials. This facility remains in commercial use.