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Phased Asbestos Insulation Abatement

United States Steel Corporation
Dravosburg, PA – 1997 – $250,000

Scope of Work:
Asbestos-containing thermal systems insulation was present throughout the facility on piping and furnaces. Maintenance of these mechanical systems required the asbestos material to first be removed to allow facility workmen to proceed with repairs without the threat of asbestos exposure.

In order to enable this project to proceed on a phased basis, Neumeyer Environmental provided services on an as-encountered basis to remove asbestos materials. The project required multiple shifts, at times seven days per week, to meet the client’s production schedule. In all, over fifty separate phases were completed.

Maintenance workers were able to perform critical repairs according to the production-dictated maintenance schedule. This allowed uninterrupted production throughout the course of the project.

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PTC New Stanton Service Plaza Renovation

Trumbull Corporation
New Stanton, PA – 2007 – $247,000

Scope of Work:
The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission renovated a service plaza in New Stanton, Pennsylvania. Neumeyer Environmental was contracted to perform demolition, asbestos abatement and storage tank removal. Significant contamination was encountered during the storage tank closures and the materials had to be specially managed on-site or disposed off-site.

The majority of the demolition items for this project were donated to charitable organizations including walk-in coolers, doors, kitchen components, lighting, bathroom fixtures, ceiling tile, metal components.

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Passavant Hospital Asbestos Fireproofing

Passavant Hospital
Pittsburgh, PA – 1997 – $175,000

Scope of Work:
Asbestos-containing fireproofing was present on the structural steel and floor decking in a 12,000 square foot area of the hospital. The area was scheduled for extensive renovation which required demolishing the space to the structural frame.

The space was placed under negative air pressure segregated from the adjacent occupied hospital space. The asbestos fireproofing was removed from the structural steel and floor deck system and asbestos-free fireproofing was installed as part of the renovation.

The adjoining areas of the hospital continued to operate normally throughout the project.

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North Shore Connector

North Shore Constructors I and II
Pittsburgh, – 2005-2009 – $487,000

Scope of Work:
Neumeyer Environmental was contracted to provide environmental management and construction support services for a subway connector tunnel beneath the Allegheny River from downtown Pittsburgh to the North Shore area. Neumeyer Environmental provided remediation services for abandoned asbestos-insulated steam pipes, lead compliance and abatement activities, impacted subsoils from previous historical activities, water quality discharge management and sampling and analysis in accordance with the Pennsylvania Management of Fill policy.

This project is a multi-year, multi-contract effort that is anticipated to span over five years.

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NASA Glenn Research Center Building 60 Renovation

New Era Builders Inc.
Brookpark, OH – 2008-2009 – $576,000

Scope of Work:
NASA was performing renovation of a three-story building in their Brookpark complex in Ohio. The renovation required asbestos abatement and material recycling in accordance with their reuse policy.

Neumeyer Environmental was contracted to provide abatement, demolition and select recycling activities for the renovation. The scope of the abatement activities included floor tile, ceiling tile, pipe insulation, We recycled carpet, cabinets, file storage systems, metal components and ceiling tile materials to meet their recycling objectives.